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Thank you for your interest in Brighter Light School, Nise website. Know about our vision , mission and beliefs. We believe you will not regret sending your wards to attend our school. We are founded on strong moral and intellectual base with long standing history of excellence in all we do. Brighter Light School, Nise is a knowledge and excellence Centered school committed to partnering with parents to educate the minds and nurture the hearts of students for a better tomorrow. Also, we are committed to ensure that lives are transformed by the power of knowledge and that's why we are called the home of knowledge. Our belief is founded on the principle that says knowledge is power. The power to do exploits in life is proportional to the quality of useful knowledge one has acquired. That's why we are committed to standard principles and pedagogical learning. The foundation of this school is based on God as the source of all true wisdom and knowledge.


To be the leading qualitative education provider, to Nursery and Primary pupils of school age irrespective of race, tribe, socio-economic or cultural background.


To build and raise, morally and academically sound future leaders/achievers with positive and independent minds, through well structured educational programes and qualitative developmental activities designed for effective and efficient learning processes.


Our Curriculum is based on the National philosophy on education integrated with British and American curriculum. it's practical aspect is based on Maria Montessori system of education, whereby the child is guided, directed, supervised and allowed to discover and acquire learning experiences under guided and conducive learning environment.

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